Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith

A Repository of Obscure Things in Obsolete Packages

This website has moved several times to newer equipment, so some things written here are out-of-date.

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Why I Am A Latter-day Saint

Read the incredibly story of why Jason is a Mormon and why you may also want to follow his lead!

Seeking Transcendence?

I write extensively on my concept of transcendence and how to attain it.

Read some Inspiring Stories

At times, especially in the past, I have composed a few fiction stories. One has even been published in a regional anthology! You can purchase my stories in e-book form at the Amazon Kindle Store

Go Down the Gopher-Hole!

I first connected with NSFnet in 1992 as a teacher at an alternative high school. The way you accessed information in those days was through a Gopher server as the World Wide Web was not yet widely used. It seemed every university and government was busy putting all their information on Gopher servers. It was a blessed time.

These days, I run one of the more active and more large gopher servers in the world, which really doesn't say very much. Most every document that I have produced for public consumption is here, blissfully free of WWW cruft and any need to pay for access, just like the pre-HTTP days. I would call this exclusive content, except that anyone with a Gopher client can access it. Of course, you will require more than a mouse click to accomplish this -- your journey through the historical "network of networks" is about to begin!

If you can't rustle up a proper gopher client (such as Lynx) to use the link above, you can dig in my own gopher-hole through the handy-dandy webified interface. It is somewhat inferior to the true Gopher experience, but you still have access to everything...

Check Out Other Things

You can also read my semi-perpetual computer recommendation. Many people say that it is fine advice and is often used all around the world.

Like every other hiker, I have a personal site for many of my hiking and camping adventures. I also mirror the wonderful Pennystove website.

When it comes to computers, nothing beats the Sinclair ZX81, which was known in the United States of America as the Timex Sinclair 1000. I have a small collection of programs and information to allow anyone to build and/or operate their own 1980's vintage computer!

I am a sad excuse for a "ham" radio operator, but I do have my license and the W5JSN callsign. You can read about my pathetic amatuer radio story.

Long ago, in the early "naughts", I did some contract work for our local health council. As part of that work, I created a website that contained abstracts of then-current research on subjects of interest to council members. I keep it on my server as a (hopeful) service to the ages.

If you have taken the time to view the HTML source for my documents, you may find them strange. I do things in a somewhat particular way which is explained in my style description. This document also hopes to explain the copyright implications of all my documents.